BW VS CL (my black & white vs colourful)

cozy day with yellow horse bench

green blue horse bench wood

pink egret and white vintage chair

let's sea

Evening with tea

My last evening. i so lucky because i have a peaceful time enough so ........tea time !!!!! yep with my book and cute snack that i see it below...........ummmmmmmmmmm breathe in some fresh air. arrrr...................so happy.

my tea my time 

Nature give a power

Go! green lovely tree many..many..........many tree make everyone happy freshy and more nature give a power for life.   
go green go go!!!!!

so fresh arrrrrrrrr

sun & sky

beautiful  sunshine ^ ^.


Thai vintage present short trip

vintage thai style present !

vintage lobby style

vintage shop

cosy atmosphere   

lighting old thai style

it's me ^  ^.

with pink glow nail 555

Happy weekend

Happy weekend  i go out of town to relax and far away from the city have a busy very very busy oh......i'm so happy when have a free time to do anythink what you want 555555

lovely vintage chair

vintage working area


pama and muchroom with ham italian style it's delicious  ^ . ^
my best friend ^ ^.

 morning pancake

nice color shop

Something sweet !!! when we are meet together oh.....my lovely friend. Especially  on weekday ^ ^.
enjoy! your weekend