pink blossom
     A cold day so i get this jacket. I found it when about 4-6 years ago so longgggggg very long time but it was still cool 55555

ps. dig your old cloth make you new ^ ^. 


Japan strong

japan strong

Smile Pillow

Smile pillow
     I made this pillow by myself. It's not easy but not to hard. But certainly i am funny to do it and pround when it finished.

ps. hope you happy sunday bye ^ ^.

Monotone sky

black grey and white
     Today it is very cloudy. Sky looks gray color. I feel like it. So i try to dress up like the atmosphere same color as the sky to see what will matter. I found white, gray and black with blue Let's play with the sky color.

ps. What color is the sky tomorrow ? ^ ^.


Sun shine to the river

sun shine to the river

Cute Hat

cute hat

Look at the sky

nice blue sky
     Sky.......sky.......sky When I look at  the sky will feel extra comfort. Sky is really big. Meaning of blue is the color of peace and trust. Integrity Peace and relaxing evening and lower appetite heat in the body and calm mind then ability from cool colors.Sky is comfortable.

ps. look at the sky together .......blue........blue ^ ^.


Brown vs Blue

brown vs blue
     Brown and dark blue. Is compatible to another form. Add details like a polished and dark
blue velvet with brown shirt. Small details are simply decorated with a metal zipper and button detail that makes a lot more attractive.


Girl In Pink

girl in pink
     I travel by train the day before. A girl in a pink set of points of interest in the electric train. A child I guess about 3-5 years old. Children cute little bright and clever anyone interested.I like her,a little angel angel her hair so cute. Sometimes I still want to have my hair like her 555. Maybe i go to barber but i think they can't. She is interested in talking and playing around a lot. The woman sitting near side. As soon as a child to see a woman seats in the train on the electric train card. Her face looked suspicious, then it is a good woman. Wonder child reach out to pick up the card and then make she have a big smile, the owner of card. It was cute, then I think I can think of the difference between children and adults. The child is innocent. Wide open to new things harder, but when it strange that people grow up being increasingly recognized. To narrow it down. And then narrow further. Less would be nice if we did not even grow up along with exposure to increasingly more and more is even better.
ps. to open wider to let more.      


Vintage clothing

vintage clothing
     Retro clothing called Vintage popularity I'm also one who very much preferred. In particular, items including jewelry, clothing, accessories.Because It's vintage charm detail. And the story of a clear design. It makes me interested in it every time: Usually when I meet that has it. The more that you can find a complete , I will be more fun to watch a beautiful antique shop. Refers to as a dream in which I will place the furniture and sale of ancient vintage mother and grandmother, it would not be any fun at all. however.
Set I put on this shirt is a shirt from light fabrics. Best hot weather with a simple pattern, such as points, lines and waves of the pattern I like this shirt is very special because when i wear arm is small than 555 and I also love is the collar is similar to the square The strange and special shirt which does not cover regular guests will be running neck to observe the buttons look like a traditional clear glass. Adjacent to the rear make it look deep into the metal. Shirt is darkness color, then it makes this more sweet. A pants look like riding horse pant pattern. However, a special stretch fabric. A very very very comfortable 555 antique leather shoes, white diamonds double what good necklace of three lines each. There comes a different way.
time is reminiscent of its special story.

ps. go the vintage together !!!!!! ^ ^.


Casual day

Blue + Chic dot 

Casual day with a set of relaxed me, it will focus on more comfortable clothes that are pretty uncomfortable, and then only need to enter. Once I selected beautiful clothes only in the beginning it may be okay. But over time I found out that it 's frustrating not happy . To a series that is pretty much that time. But looking stance. And it was not my emotions along with the beautiful and pure speculation happy. Because it was not comfortable from the inside out. On the other hand, it makes me know that someone beautiful and look good not only beautiful, but only outside the various registers. Sleeveless blue shirt fabric cotton. Comfortable jeans paired with long put folding legs to see higher and more interesting. Ended with a Italian style shoes. Dress a casual day of fun welcoming each other better. Ps. A happy and beautiful from the inside as well than me.

Let's create a green space

green place
 If you don't want to fast-growing trees that cover wide areas such as walls, fences make a natural green wall. Close more natural to try Climbing fig tree planted next to a wall the next time to decorate. Plain cement wall, it becomes a green area. Own world easier. May be decorated with colorful flowers to make summer even more. Ps. Let's create a green space  ^ ^.


One day

white + jean + black

On the path that I walk away with many things in life like a story. Both happy and sad. Some impressive But many other matters I may have forgotten it. Every day ago, and continues through to the ...... Period one, I walk away I met a tree with very fragrant to stop looking. it is a brief tract that I have to go through. It leaves little thick small white flowers, like a small bell. so lovly.
Like the white color cotton shirt. High waist jeans loose. Features a big belt. Glossy black imitation leather. Diamond shoes white head sewing by hand carefully.
Windy weather is comfortable. Pe. Try not looking to walk could be frequently lay the beautiful thing is  ^ ^.

May be the sun that shines is beautiful. Or it may be a kitten playing it all together really me.