Vintage clothing

vintage clothing
     Retro clothing called Vintage popularity I'm also one who very much preferred. In particular, items including jewelry, clothing, accessories.Because It's vintage charm detail. And the story of a clear design. It makes me interested in it every time: Usually when I meet that has it. The more that you can find a complete , I will be more fun to watch a beautiful antique shop. Refers to as a dream in which I will place the furniture and sale of ancient vintage mother and grandmother, it would not be any fun at all. however.
Set I put on this shirt is a shirt from light fabrics. Best hot weather with a simple pattern, such as points, lines and waves of the pattern I like this shirt is very special because when i wear arm is small than 555 and I also love is the collar is similar to the square The strange and special shirt which does not cover regular guests will be running neck to observe the buttons look like a traditional clear glass. Adjacent to the rear make it look deep into the metal. Shirt is darkness color, then it makes this more sweet. A pants look like riding horse pant pattern. However, a special stretch fabric. A very very very comfortable 555 antique leather shoes, white diamonds double what good necklace of three lines each. There comes a different way.
time is reminiscent of its special story.

ps. go the vintage together !!!!!! ^ ^.

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