Girl In Pink

girl in pink
     I travel by train the day before. A girl in a pink set of points of interest in the electric train. A child I guess about 3-5 years old. Children cute little bright and clever anyone interested.I like her,a little angel angel her hair so cute. Sometimes I still want to have my hair like her 555. Maybe i go to barber but i think they can't. She is interested in talking and playing around a lot. The woman sitting near side. As soon as a child to see a woman seats in the train on the electric train card. Her face looked suspicious, then it is a good woman. Wonder child reach out to pick up the card and then make she have a big smile, the owner of card. It was cute, then I think I can think of the difference between children and adults. The child is innocent. Wide open to new things harder, but when it strange that people grow up being increasingly recognized. To narrow it down. And then narrow further. Less would be nice if we did not even grow up along with exposure to increasingly more and more is even better.
ps. to open wider to let more.      

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