Casual day

Blue + Chic dot 

Casual day with a set of relaxed me, it will focus on more comfortable clothes that are pretty uncomfortable, and then only need to enter. Once I selected beautiful clothes only in the beginning it may be okay. But over time I found out that it 's frustrating not happy . To a series that is pretty much that time. But looking stance. And it was not my emotions along with the beautiful and pure speculation happy. Because it was not comfortable from the inside out. On the other hand, it makes me know that someone beautiful and look good not only beautiful, but only outside the various registers. Sleeveless blue shirt fabric cotton. Comfortable jeans paired with long put folding legs to see higher and more interesting. Ended with a Italian style shoes. Dress a casual day of fun welcoming each other better. Ps. A happy and beautiful from the inside as well than me.

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